Candy Friday: Choxie Dark Chocolate Coconut Truffle Bar

choxie dark chocolate coconut truffle bar

I love the taste of coconut, especially drenched in chocolate, but ever since I read Steve Almond’s Candy Freak I’ve had second thoughts. The author describes coconut in Almond Joy/Mounds as though, “I feels as if I’m chewing on a sweetened cuticle.”

Yeah, that’s pretty spot-on.

But when I saw the Choxie dark chocolate coconut truffle bar I knew I needed to taste. The bar is covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate while the inside is a mix of white chocolate, coconut and toasted almonds.

Full disclosure – i don’t like white chocolate, but the taste of the coconut and the crunch of the nuts was perfectly pleasing. On the downside the Choxie chocolate is mediocre quality at best and the filling makes this a super sweet candy bar. One square is all I could eat – normally I can eat whole chocolate bars in one sitting.

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