Soybean Pasta

I’m trying to use up the food in my pantry so I finally got around to cooking my box of soybean pasta. A co-worker made some a while back and brought in the leftovers and I didn’t taste that much of a difference in her dish (though she used a strong pesto sauce), but did notice that this pasta has a much chewier consistency than regular pasta.

I made up a quick pot of tomato sauce with garlic and basil and some turkey meatballs. I cooked the pasta even longer than suggested and it was still quite chewy. After letting it sit in the fridge for a day in the tomato sauce it softened a bit, but still a slightly chewier consistency (and slightly different flavor – hints of artichoke as well as a subtle nutty flavor) than the typical pasta. And I’ve been eating whole wheat pasta for a while now. Overall, I like the fact that it has 23 grams of protein, but would suggest you make it a day ahead and let is ‘marinade’ in you sauce of choice before serving.

I’m going to try it again, but this time toss it with roasted vegetables and a little Parmesan, as I think that might make a better flavor pairing.

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