A Taste of Spain

I’ve been nibbling on Spanish cheeses this week. I finished my wedge of Manchego for the lunch the other day, so today I  picked up some drunken goat from the Whole Foods Market. I’ve heard this can be hard to find, is that still the case? They seemed to have an ample supply. It’s my first time sampling this goat variety and was expecting a slightly different taste. I love goat cheese, but I honestly didn’t taste that much difference for regular goat cheese. It of course was slightly milder, yet slightly more tangly, and had a creamy, almost Gouda like consistency. Very good, but I was expecting more.

What I’m Eating

Super Bowl snacks

game snacks
Fried goat cheese, spinach & artichoke hummus and blanched haricot verts.

plum tart
Plum tart for dessert

Juniper Providence

Juniper Frozen Yogurt

We tried Juniper frozen yogurt on Thayer St. in Providence. I’m told it’s similar to Pinkberry, but since I’ve never been to Pinkberry, I can’t make that comparison.

They were giving out free samples this afternoon and there was a bit of a crowd. The general consensus among a bunch of college students milling about was that it “tasted like yogurt.” I agree, it’s a frozen version of tangy plain yogurt. I had mine topped with raspberries. I plan on going back and trying a few other toppings, next time a drizzle of honey with some fresh fruit.

Candy Friday: Pastiglie Leone Absinthe Candies

Italian candy maker Pastiglie Leone makes a line of lozenges in a variety of flavors, including assenzio, or absinthe. The candies have a texture similar to Altoids, but are about half the size of the famous mints.

I’ve sampled several other flavors in this line, including lemon and cinnamon and the absinthe flavor is my least favorite — it’s simply too bitter. There is an anise flavor, but the range of bitter flavors overpowers any subtle sweetness. I couldn’t even finish one small candy.

The flavor is awful, but the packaging is delightful. I’m keeping an unopened box on my desk for sheer aesthetics. I truly am a sucker attractive packaging.

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